Apricot Anderson Irving


Published in Granta, the story of a man who returns to Haiti in the shadow of his missionary grandfather: The Grandson of Jesus Christ.

A memoir excerpt in MORE magazine about making peace with my idealist missionary father, later selected for inclusion in the anthology Best Women’s Travel Writing 2013

An essay in Oregon Humanities about the difference between travel and escape. “My two years in London had earned me half a dozen new stamps in my passport; Madina’s exile to Portland had cost her a daughter.

Homage to John Helmer, Jr., Haberdasher, a man who sold European berets to New Yorker readers and handkerchiefs to Louis Armstrong, sailed with Hemingway, drank tea with Eleanor Roosevelt, summited 50 peaks, ran 27 marathons, and was unfailingly courteous to everyone he met.



An interview with Apricot Irving about the Boise Voices project on The Speakeasy. Also featured: the Decemberists and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia.